Using Direct Quotations

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Using Direct Quotations

Depending on the style of referencing, you may also have to include page numbers too. Using direct quotes in your writing improves your work and shows evidence of research and ideas in your assessments. Here, we explore how to use different quotes in your assessments. When you’re referring to secondary sources such as scholarly books and journal articles, try to put others’ ideas in your own words when possible. To convince the reader of your argument, interpretation or position on a topic, it’s often helpful to include quotes that support your point. Quotes from primary sources are especially credible as evidence.

This article is available to download for free as a PDF for use as a personal learning tool or for use in the classroom as a teaching resource. Referencing is also an important way of acknowledging profile essay outline your debts to other scholars. Properly referencing your work is one of the best ways of avoiding plagiarism. A quote can provide a powerful insight into history, culture, and more.

Omitting parts of a quotation

For instance, the following example features lines of dialogue between the narrator Nick and the character Gatsby in Chapter 6 of F. Note how Fitzgerald used quotation marks around the dialogue. Quoting isn’t always as simple as putting quotation marks around something, though.

how to quote an article in an essay

In-text referencing styleGuidelinesExamplesHarvardThe author’s surname and the date of the publication should be provided. They can either both be provided in parentheses, or the date can be placed in parentheses after the author’s surname. One of the best ways to make sure you haven’t left out any in-text citations is to write them immediately after you’ve referenced a work as you are writing your paper. Waiting until the very end can lead to last-minute paper stress.

Direct quotations can support your arguments and back up your work, but you need to show who said them

If you want to cite an indirect source (one you’ve only seen quoted in another source), either locate the original source or use the phrase ‘as cited in’ in your how long is a standard essay citation. Every time you quote a source, you must include a correctly formatted in-text citation. This looks slightly different depending on the citation style.

Use direct quotes when the exact words from a are important to understand the source’s meaning or are particularly memorable. You might ask, what else can I use besides direct quotes?

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Information could include ideas, facts, phrases, or anything else. The student has copied some of the language of the source and paraphrased the rest. He or she has attempted to pass off Troutman’s ideas and words as their own. Correct referencing becomes most important when incorporating the ideas of other scholars in your work, and is essential to avoid being accused of plagiarism. Complete and accurate referencing also demonstrates that you have command of the range of arguments and viewpoints discussed in your work. If you need to quote a passage of text more than 40 words in length, APA suggests formatting it as a block quote. This means setting it apart from the rest of the text by beginning on a new line and indenting it from the main body of your work.

how to quote an article in an essay

They allow you to analyze specific passages in a source. Please note you should always refer to any departmental/school guidelines you’ve been given.


The risk, of course, is that of plagiarism – if your version of a published text bears too close a resemblance to the original wording. Simply altering one or two words in the original isnot enough; your version should bedistinctfrom the original. Sometimes, you want to use a quotation but it contains what may appear to be an error to your reader. This may be an actual error but other times is could be that the word usage or formatting is archaic or non-standard in some way. There are times when you need to make small edits to quotations to make them work out of context, remove unnecessary information, add emphasis or acknowledge errors. A quotation is an unchanged piece of text from a source that you use in your own writing. Credibility is key – When selecting materials to include in your essay, make sure they are credible.

  1. In a parenthetical citation, you place all the information in brackets after the quote.
  2. Historian Edith Hall explains how ancient Greek and Roman texts were recorded on papyrus, which was “extremely vulnerable to wear and tear” .
  3. When writing, use a balanced blend of direct quote, paraphrase, and summary.
  4. For instance, imagine a writer is trying to argue that the character Holden Caufield from J.D.
  5. In APA format, in-text citations can follow a direct quote or paraphrased information.
  6. Trying to link unrelated ideas because they sound good in isolation won’t help you draw accurate conclusions, and could negatively impact your assessment.
  7. You might ask, what else can I use besides direct quotes?

Different citations systems have different rules on how to order the elements in an entry in the reference list, but they all draw on the same kind of information. The above table has all the necessary information components that you must include when citing an article. However, the order of the information presented above differs depending on the citation system you are using. APA uses block quotes for quotes that are 40 words or longer.

How to Reference in an Essay

The distinction drawn between the languages and their treatment of time is interesting and relevant to the argument because… An article is a dependent work , because articles are published in journals that are often online publications.

For chapters in edited books, the editors often give a summary of the chapters in their introduction. You should not use this instead of reading the whole source, but it is a good first place to look as you can get an idea what the author/editor thinks is important. This strategy forces you to assimilate properly what you are reading before then exchanging the source of information for how to introduce quote your notes or essay. Read a section, a few pages, a chapter, close the book or journal or website and then open your notebook or essay. If you have thoroughly understood what you have read, you will have less difficulty expressing it in your own words without referring to the original text. If you cannot, then you have probably not really understood it and will need to read it again.

Shortening or altering a quote

In this blogpost, we run through how to quote sources using APA referencing. If you’ve been asked to use APA referencing in an essay, moreover, knowing how to quote a source correctly is crucial, since not doing so could lead to accusations of plagiarism. Note that opening or what is considered a short essay closing a paragraph or assignment with a quote is not good style in university-level writing. How to Paraphrase | Step-by-Step Guide & Examples Paraphrasing means putting someone else’s ideas into your own words – changing the wording while preserving the original meaning.

They also contain additional information that aids in the identification of the source. Contact PhD Assistancefor reference collection and Future Research work. This means you should not have your source of information (book, journal, web page etc.) open in front of you when you are writing. If you write as you read you are more likely to plagiarise accidentally; you must have open either your source of information OR your writing – never both at the same time.

Long Quotations

To distinguish this quote from the surrounding quote, you enclose it in double quotation marks . Make sure to close both sets of quotation marks at the appropriate moments. To quote a phrase that doesn’t form a full sentence, you can also integrate it as part of your sentence, without any extra punctuation.

  1. Writers use quotations to support arguments, analyze text, and enrich fiction.
  2. However, the order of the information presented above differs depending on the citation system you are using.
  3. Here is an example of a properly referenced use of this passage.
  4. Forgetting to include necessary information such as the date of the publication or the page number .
  5. Sometimes you might use a direct quote that contains another direct quote.
  6. Read a section, a few pages, a chapter, close the book or journal or website and then open your notebook or essay.

Check the requirements first because many university departments and scholarly articles need a citation style. You must choose a citation style and utilize it uniformly through your paper if no reference style is mentioned. In the beginning of the novel Dickens establishes the details of Scrooge’s character for his reader by using a collection of negative verbs and powerful similes. But he was a tight-fisted hand at the grind- stone, Scrooge!

To avoid plagiarism, whether you cite or rephrase, you should always add a citation. Referencing also helps your audience to locate the primary author for themselves, enhancing the credibility of your article.

how to quote an article in an essay