Oracle DLL files cannot be deleted because they are in use

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Oracle DLL files cannot be deleted because they are in use

Respectively, these files use the OCX, CPL, and DRV file extension. They can be used by multiple programs to share functions. Microsoft Windows .dll errors that occur when starting Windows or starting a Windows feature can be more serious and unfortunately more difficult to resolve. For these errors, we suggest you run through the basic troubleshooting steps for your operating system.

Virus total still shows it as a problem for 18 AV engines as of now. Please follow the steps below to clear cached detection and obtain the latest malware definitions. Just in case anyone else runs into this issue, I want to add that we did have to turn off code optimization to get it passed Trend Micro.

Way 7: Restore Missing DLL File with SFC

G0131 Tonto Team Tonto Team has relied on user interaction to open their malicious RTF documents. S0428 PoetRAT PoetRAT has used spearphishing attachments to infect victims. C0006 Operation Honeybee During Operation Honeybee, threat actors relied on a victim to enable macros within a malicious Word document. C0016 Operation Dust Storm During Operation Dust Storm, the threat actors relied on potential victims to open a malicious Microsoft Word document sent via email. G0049 OilRig OilRig has delivered macro-enabled documents that required targets to click the “enable content” button to execute the payload on the system.

  • It loads itself as a kernel mode driver called INF.SYS.
  • Sadly, TSE 50 is now a paid plugin with a partially-functional demo version.
  • This option is considered by many knowledgeable users to be dangerous, primarily because it can mislead you about the true nature of your files.

The first step is the same for any computer virus, no matter what the type. After the first step, the type of virus determines subsequent steps. You can see the individual kernel and device drivers as they load (or don’t load). Unless you are seeing specific, recognizable symptoms that can only be a computer virus, always suspect a regular software or hardware issue first.

You cannot simply open up an .EXE like a document file and start editing or reading the contents. To get around the “Access Denied” problem, start the command line as admin, in the start menu type ‘cmd.exe’ and then right click the ‘cmd.exe’ entry and ‘Run as Administrator’. I keep getting an error message about nonintervention.endpapers.dll or something like that.

Method 2. Turn Off Third-Party Antivirus Program

Run the installer again for the original program giving you the missing DLL file error message. You should be able to complete the installation with no problems or error messages. Dll or .exe file you are trying to open, and before clicking Open. Now you’ll be at a screen that has all Driversol of the available resources to you. You can edit the DLL file in the window and then save it. Sometimes, a software that was meant to run on an older version of Windows, may require a specific version of a DLL file to run.


If you use the plugins default installer you should not need to worry about the information below. FL Studio will find your plugin in one of the following default locations. This information is provided for installing legacy plugins, without an installer.

It takes advantage of the fact that many Windows computers automatically execute .JS files through the built-in Windows Script Host program. When RAA infects a computer, it locks the users’ files and prevents them from accessing these files until they pay the ransom. If you’re using third-party virus protection like Norton, McAfee, or Kaspersky, you can use that application to remove viruses from your flash drive instead. Sometimes the antivirus software will launch automatically as soon as you plug in the drive and give you the option to scan. If nothing pops up automatically but use third-party antivirus protection, launch your antivirus software and run a scan on your flash drive.